About Ricbern

Ricbern International Ltd is one of the fastest growing and trusted Nigerian based International Education agencies with the mandate of recruiting students from Nigeria. We recruit and place students into A-Level, Foundation, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and MBA programs at the top and world ranking Universities especially in the UK, USA, Australia and European. Recently, we have large range of Universities that present Our Students with a good choice of courses and quality counseling services.

Our staff are well informed, trained by our partner Universities and have good knowledge of visa requirements which enable us provide students with the best quality counseling services and a 98% Visa success rate.

Our website strategically provides you with up to date information about our services, partner Universities, our contacts etc. Please feel free to contact us at our Office address, e-mail or hot lines.

Our Mission

To promote a global focus to the academic life of the students and to provide leadership in the conduct, advancement, study and evaluation through education.

“The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next. Abraham Lincoln”

Abraham Lincoln

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